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In-development Vertical Slice, 2nd Year University Project, February 2023 - June 2023

Collaboration with Ariele Borghi, Balázs Osvay-Szabó & Temi Sorinmade

SCOPO is a horror game about seeking out evidence of a mysterious cryptid in a dark swamp, wielding nothing but a camera. It's an isolated experience inspired by psychadelic art and eldritch horror.

SCOPO is currently actively being developed in the Unity Engine as a vertical slice for a 2nd Year university project, where the brief involved creating a vertical slice for another student's Games Design Document from the previous semester (here's the GDD we're following). The project has a significant focus on a sprint-based workflow and on managing a group of individuals to create a final product. My role on the project is as sprint planner and creative director, and as the singular programmer and NPC behaviour designer. I've also done a significant amount of work in-editor creating tools and prefabs for the level designer/environment artist to use, and build all the custom shaders for the game, including the halftone visual effect, in Unity Shadergraph.

At the time of writing, the game is very close to a playtestable state, and my collaborators on the project have done fantastic art and music work creating a really eerie and interesting atmosphere for the game. Once the project is over, a build will be uploaded to

The opening screen.

Part of the swamp. The Cryptid is visible in the background, watching the player from a distance.

A photograph taken in-game of the Cryptid (in a test room).

The Finite State Machine I designed for the Cryptid's behaviour.

The Cryptid in the swamp.

The shadergraph for the halftone effect used by the game. This refers to a subgraph which performs a large-scale binary search between 32 colours.

The shader subgraph used at each comparison step of the binary search referenced above.

Not yet publicly available.